2018 Pismo Beach Open

WSL Events

When Surfers Of Tomorrow hosts a World Surf League contest, young California athletes are able to compete at the most important and recognizable events in their sport without having to leave the state or travel great distances. This also includes the ability to earn valuable WSL points, compete against international athletes and gain valuable competition experience. Surfers Of Tomorrow believes that several annual WSL contests are needed for California athletes to maintain the same level of performance taking place around the world in other surfing regions. Being able to compete in multiple events per year in California build an athlete’s self-esteem and skill levels while remaining affordable as a local sport where they can drive to each event.

Ocean Friendly Events

Surfers of Tomorrow vows to host “Ocean Friendly” World Surf League events that set a clear path for reducing environment impacts while also providing social benefits for the local community. Working with environmental groups like the San Luis Obispo Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, we host beach clean-ups before and after each contest to leave no environmental footprint behind. We implement a thorough recycling program with the help of volunteers and guidance from groups like Sustainable Surf. Additionally, we work with ocean minded local nonprofit groups to focus on coastal issues within each community by giving them a platform during the events to educate the community and raise funds.

Local Non-Profit Programs

Surfers Of Tomorrow donates a minimum of three free expo booth spaces to local nonprofit groups at each World Surf League event we host. The cash value of these spaces is $2,500 each and provides each nonprofit with a chance to reach a unique and wide audience at no cost. The nonprofits are able to accept donations, sell relevant items and educate the public about their mission. Each nonprofit is also offered free commercial time on the live webcast at each event to spread their message to a an even larger audience. Surfers Of Tomorrow believes that exposing other nonprofits to the local community can help educate the public about other positive programs in their neighborhood.

SLO Junior Surfers Program

Through our SLO Junior Surfers Program, San Luis Obispo County kids under 18 will receive opportunities to compete in meaningful amateur surf contests that take place outside of San Luis Obispo County. This includes guidance on how to select and sign-up for the best events for each child, coaching and mentoring, and coordination of travel to and from events. Surfers Of Tomorrow believes that kids who compete in organized amateur events are more likely to develop self-confidence, boost self-esteem, develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits and combat obesity. Organizations such as National Scholastic Surfing Association and Western Surfing Association, host amateur surf contests that primarily take place in Southern California and Santa Cruz, CA. These events are dedicated to promoting and preserving the sport of surfing through fun, family-oriented surf competitions and are the pathway for the best amateurs to progress towards the professional ranks. Each amateur surfing association hosts monthly surf contests that progress to a season finale and final individual rankings, similar to a professional World Surf League year long season. We estimate that thousands of California kids are competing in these events, yet less than a handful of kids from SLO County participate. Time and travel costs limit the ability for families to get their kids to these events. Surfers Of Tomorrow SLO Junior Surfers Program will help organize rides, cover travel costs and membership fees for SLO County kids wanting to compete in meaningful amateur events within California.

High School Surf Teams

Surfers Of Tomorrow works with local high schools in each host city during our World Surf League events. We offer kids from local high school surf teams volunteer positions at each contest so they can see and learn how professional surf contests are run and give them an opportunity to see young professional surfers at their home surf break. The opportunity to be a part of a professional surf contest and meet the athletes is inspiring and life changing for some kids. A portion of the money raised at the event fundraiser is donated to the local high school surf team to support their program.

Surf Photography

Surf photography is a big part of competitive surfing and surfing culture. Surfers Of Tomorrow wishes to inspire young photographers by mentoring them at each of our World Surf League events. Our professional surf photographers work closely with a few young photographers at each contest where they shoot and edit thousands of photos over the four day surf contests. The photos are submitted to the World Surf League’s media manager who selects the best photos to be used on the WSL website and WSL App for daily contest updates – these images are viewed by a worldwide audience. With this program, Surfers Of Tomorrow inspires the next generation of surf photographers by giving them a chance to be involved in a World Surf League event.

“The World Surf League is very grateful for event partners like Surfers Of Tomorrow. On the regional level, we rely 100% on our licensees to produce and finance their events, and the development of the tour is dependent upon groups like these to want to partner with us. These are exciting times for competitive surfing and we’re really looking forward to adding some new events to the North American schedule, which will provide more opportunity for the future of our sport to compete closer to home.”

– Brian Robbins WSL North American Tour Director