2018 Pismo Beach Open
2018 Pismo Beach Open

Partnerships and Volunteers

Surfers Of Tomorrow has quickly built a solid relationship with the World Surf League by hosting two successful events in our first two years. As a licensing partner with the WSL, we have gained their trust and they are looking to us to develop more events on the North American schedule… The idea is to put California back on the map of competitive surfing.

Surfers Of Tomorrow has also partnered with Mid-State Containers to build two-story, forty foot tall judges tower to house the WSL staff and webcast media team for each event. The collaboration with the WSL to design it is a huge success. This “container” structure replaces a rented scaffolding structure which saves us thousands of dollars per contest. The structure is impressive to say the least and the focal point of our events. Mid-State Containers delivers it and picks it up at no charge. Our volunteer support at each event is also impressive, especially when a whole high school surf team is involved. Surfing is a very popular sport and we have no shortage of volunteer support at our events.

Our Events

Surfers of Tomorrow is to promote the growth of competitive surfing through events that have limited impact on the environment, while highlighting coastal and ocean awareness through education and support of like-minded charities.

“The World Surf League is very grateful for event partners like Surfers Of Tomorrow. On the regional level, we rely 100% on our licensees to produce and finance their events, and the development of the tour is dependent upon groups like these to want to partner with us. These are exciting times for competitive surfing and we’re really looking forward to adding some new events to the North American schedule, which will provide more opportunity for the future of our sport to compete closer to home.”

– Brian Robbins WSL North American Tour Director