Mission Statement

The mission of Surfers of Tomorrow is to promote the growth of competitive surfing through events that have limited impact on the environment, while highlighting coastal and ocean awareness through education and support of like-minded charities.

Photo Credit: Connor Frost

Andy McKay


In 2017, founder Andy McKay was inspired by the lack of meaningful surf contests in California. He learned that California has fewer WSL contests than other similar surf regions around the world. He created the non-profit Surfers of Tomorrow in order to help young surfers achieve their dreams closer to home.

“The World Surf League is very grateful for event partners like Surfers Of Tomorrow. On the regional level, we rely 100% on our licensees to produce and finance their events, and the development of the tour is dependent upon groups like these to want to partner with us. These are exciting times for competitive surfing and we’re really looking forward to adding some new events to the North American schedule, which will provide more opportunity for the future of our sport to compete closer to home.”

– Brian Robbins WSL North American Tour Director